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new roof

Is your roof leaking or damaged? We carry out small repairs to complete stripping and re-tiling your roof. Our replacement service is tailored to your roofing needs; with custom tiles, ventilation and dry systems available as part of the process remember your roof is the first line of defensive in protecting your against the elements .

new driveways

Our specialists at no1 home improvements uk are well-trained to construct the perfect pavement for any property, which adds a great deal of safety and value to your landscape. We've spent more than 20 years perfecting our paving services for homeowners and business owners at no1 home improvements uk We strive to offer a safe, stable environment for your vehicles while improving curb appeal with each concrete driveway. With our expertise and knowledge, we can execute your installation quickly and cost-effectively.

lead work

Did you know that lead work on your roof is equally as important as the roof covering itself? From lead roofs and step flashing, to back gutters and decorative bays, we make sure your lead is correctly installed, dressed and pointed, ensuring a long-lasting and durable finish. All lead work is carried out in accordance with Lead Sheet Association.

gutter clearance

When material such as leaves, dirt or other debris washed off the roof accumulates in the guttering, it can create blockages and cause damage to the property. Our efficient gutter cleaner system can clean any type of guttering and unblock downpipes including residential and industrial buildings.

Chimney work

Its usually to late but the time you see damp spots or leaks, sitting proud open to all the elements and are usually never inspected until a fault occurs. Have your chimneys inspected, we can show you photos of any damage we see and will recommend the best solution to return it to pristine condition. We are happy to undertake all elements of repair from chimney repointing, Replacement of lead flashing or chimney pot or rebuild a new chimney in most severe cases. We work all over the south east and have completed jobs for both residential and commercial properties.

Fascia and Soffit

If you’re looking for fascia and soffit replacement anywhere in Sussex, we can help. Get your home looking brand new again with our soffit and fascia service.

Driveways / garden cleansing

Patios paths & driveways: Your drive is an important first impression leading to your property and your patio is the main focal point of your garden, but nature and time take their toll. Unsightly weeds, moss, algae, grass, lichen and general grime can all hide the natural beauty that lies beneath, and in wet weather Patio's and Path's covered in algae can also be a dangerous slipping hazard.

flat roofs

The installation of a fibreglass or felt flat roofing system is highly regarded for its simplicity and safety, while the finished product it produces is recognised as having a long lifespan. ​ Felt roofing is a very common material used on flat roofs such as garages, garden sheds and on extensions. Generally, felt underlay roof works by combining two or three layers of material together to make an impenetrable barrier that is then coated with a waterproof finishing material to further protect the felt. ​ Felt underlay roof is a proven material that has been in use for many years. it covers large or small jobs, is both durable and versatile so is able to deal with all weather, Also, modern techniques have been developed that have lengthened the lifespan and durability of the felt underlay roof even further than before.


Our garden maintenance service is here so we can cover every aspect of care that your garden requires. From grass cutting and clearances to hedge trimming. Whether it’s a one off service you want or a tidy up on a regular basis, we cover it.